Preparing for University Life and Living in Lancaster City Centre

If you’ve found your ideal "UNIPAD" student housing / student house share in Lancaster – congrats! Moving away from home is often a daunting experience, and finding your first house is one of the first big steps to take.
However, this might be when a lot of fear starts to set in – and we can’t say we blame you if this is the case.
Luckily, there’s a whole host of tips, tricks, and advice out there to help you settle into university life; here are some of the best we’ve came across so far.


•    Put some thought into packing-


Student Packing

Even if it isn’t your first time moving away from home, the temptation can still linger to pack every single one of your possessions.  Try and suss out what your accommodation already includes, and refrain from bringing these items. It could be kitchen appliances, ironing facilities, or a range of other things that may take up room in your suitcase. Do your absolute utmost to travel light – it’s worth bearing in mind that your room may be rather small or that you may not have much storage space to work with.

•    Money, money, money-

Student Finance

A lot of the time, struggling with money is one of the things that is synonymous with university life. We can’t deny that this is true, but there are still several things you can do/ prepare for to save money. Budgeting is a great thing to get into the habit of; when your student loan comes in, sort out rent, loans, and any other essentials such as transport costs, and then divide the amount you have left by the number of weeks you have until your next loan. As for nightlife – an important aspect of uni life for some – aim to go to student nights where drinks are cheaper, or check out your university’s student union, which will offer cheap food and drink.    Speaking of food....

•    Get cooking-

Student Cooking

As well as being one of the most valuable skills you can ever obtain, learning to cook a wide range of decent meals will help you to save tons of money whilst at uni. We aren’t saying you have to be the next superstar chef – even just learning to cook the basics will likely save you a fair amount of money. Instead of splurging on takeaways and fast food, try organising a weekly shop with your housemates, or setting aside an evening where you all cook together. Yes, shopping for food can be expensive also, but only buying what you need and opting for value or own brand food can seriously cut costs.

•    Stay safe-

Student Safety

We can’t stress this one enough. University is nerve-wracking and exciting in equal amounts, so it can be easy to get carried away – in either direction. Don’t feel as though you have to seclude yourself in your room to study constantly, but be aware of things such as keeping your personal belongings safe, taking responsibility for yourself (and sometimes your friends) on nights out, and becoming streetwise. If you’re concerned or unsure about safety in any way, your uni will be happy to help you – please don’t hesitate to ask your student union or Unipad for help.

Follow the above advice, and you should be all set to move into your student housing in Lancaster in no time at all.

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