Great new years resolutions for Lancaster Students

We hope you all had a fantastic festive season, it goes too quickly doesn’t it?! The new year is upon us and a great time to set some new goals, find new ways of working and improving ourselves. Here are some great tips we put together

Create a study routine

We’re all guilty of it. An assignment or piece of work is due..we leave it until the very last minute. This year try breaking the task up into smaller chunks, set yourself a goal to complete a chunk by a certain date. Leave yourself a week right at the end to tidy up and review. You’ll thank us!

Sleep more

We get it, you’re at uni accommodation, this could be your first time living away from home…You want to make the most of it, stay up late, having friends round, Netflix until the early hours, but hear us out…Sleeping is great. We need it to survive, getting a decent nights sleep will help your brain store away everything that’s going in. It will calm your emotions, behaviour and your ability to make choices…try it for a week, you’d be surprised how much better you feel

Take time for yourself

Spending time on your uni work is important, don’t get us wrong, but its also so important to make time for yourself. Finding time for hobbies, spending time with friends is essential for your self care and mental health. Its a great way to recharge and keep everything in focus.