Java software change affects Uni devices funded for research use

On Friday 17th January 2020 Lancaster University is withdrawing Java SE (a component used by some applications) from general use, due to a change to Oracle Java software licensing.

This information is for students using a University device funded for research use.

Instead, Lancaster University is using OpenJDK, an open-source and free version of Java software. Most University applications will still work with OpenJDK, and applications on Apps that require Java will have OpenJDK bundled in with them, so they will work without you having to do anything.

Please be aware that some (non-AppsAnywhere) applications may require you to launch and install OpenJDK from AppsAnywhere to be able to use them.

If you’re using a University device funded for research use: You’ll need to review whether you have Java installed on your computer. If you do, you’ll need to launch and install OpenJDK from AppsAnywhere, then remove your old version of Java SE (to avoid breaching University licensing).
If you can’t install OpenJDK via AppsAnywhere you can download it directly from Oracle.
If you discover that OpenJDK doesn’t work for any University application you try to use, please contact the ISS Service Desk about accessing a full Java SE licence.

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