Living in Unipad luxury student accommodation in Lancaster not only provides you with a comfortable and stylish home away from home but also offers convenient access to numerous attractions that showcase the rich history, culture, and scenic beauty of this vibrant city. Our engaging listicle highlights eight must-visit spots near your accommodation, encouraging you to explore and appreciate the charm and diversity Lancaster has to offer.

Whether you seek historical landmarks, arts and culture, or opportunities to connect with nature, Lancaster boasts a range of attractions suited to a variety of interests. Moreover, exploring these attractions can enhance your university experience by fostering a work-life balance and providing opportunities to make lasting memories with friends. So, venture out, immerse yourself in Lancaster’s character and history, and make the most of your time in this captivating city.

Lancaster Castle: Step Back in Time

Experience a piece of British history with a visit to Lancaster Castle, a magnificent fortress steeped in over a thousand years of tales and traditions. Located just a short walk from your Unipad accommodation, the castle offers guided tours that shed light on its vast heritage, including its role in the English Civil War, the infamous Pendle Witch Trials, and its use as a prison until 2011. Don’t miss the chance to explore the medieval dungeons, courtrooms, and towers, and marvel at the panoramic view of Lancaster from the castle keep.

Williamson Park: An Urban Oasis

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life with a leisurely stroll through Williamson Park, a picturesque 54-acre park, just minutes away from your luxury student accommodation. With its lush woodlands, tranquil lake, and beautiful flower gardens, the park provides the perfect setting for outdoor relaxation, picnics, or a jog amidst nature. The park’s crowning jewel, the impressive Ashton Memorial, is a must-visit, offering stunning views of Lancaster, Morecambe Bay, and the Lake District. The park also hosts numerous events and festivals throughout the year, providing ample opportunities for entertainment and socialising.

The Lancaster City Museum: A Journey Through Time

Discover Lancaster’s rich heritage at the Lancaster City Museum, housed within a Georgian building in the heart of the city, near Market Square. This free-to-enter museum houses a vast collection of artefacts and exhibits, providing fascinating insights into Lancaster’s Roman, medieval, and natural history. Key highlights include the Lancaster Roman Tombstone and the King’s Own Royal Regiment Museum. Immerse yourself in local history and experience a deeper connection to your university city by visiting this captivating museum.

Lancaster Maritime Museum: Exploring the City’s Maritime Past

Located within a historic Georgian building on St. George’s Quay, Lancaster Maritime Museum offers an engaging insight into the city’s maritime and trade history. The museum houses a wealth of exhibits and artefacts relating to the fishing, shipbuilding, and port industries that once thrived along the River Lune. Experience a taste of maritime life in the 18th and 19th centuries, and learn about the impact of Britain’s slave trade on the city. With its picturesque riverside location, the museum also serves as an ideal spot for a leisurely stroll or an afternoon coffee.

The Dukes Theatre and Cinema: Arts and Culture at Your Doorstep

Experience Lancaster’s vibrant arts and culture scene with a visit to The Dukes Theatre and Cinema – an independent, multi-purpose arts centre that hosts a diverse range of live shows, film screenings, and community events. Located a short distance from your Unipad accommodation, the venue showcases the best of local and national theatre productions, film festivals, and creative workshops. Seasonal highlights include the much-loved outdoor theatre shows in Williamson Park.

Browse the Local Markets: A Taste of Lancaster

To truly experience the heart of Lancaster, explore its bustling markets, bursting with local produce, artisan goods, and unique crafts. Lancaster’s Charter Market, held in the historic Market Square, is a traditional outdoor street market operating twice a week, offering visitors a delightful array of food, fashion, and household items. Additionally, the Assembly Rooms Emporium is an Aladdin’s cave of vintage homewares, fashion, and art, nestled within a Grade II listed building. Indulge in some retail therapy and support local businesses while immersing yourself in Lancaster’s vibrant community spirit.

Lancaster University Campus: World-Class Education and Facilities

Besides its striking architecture and scenic grounds, Lancaster University’s main campus boasts excellent academic, sports, and leisure facilities for students. Home to a state-of-the-art sports centre, theatre and concert series, and several contemporary art exhibitions, the campus offers much for students to see and experience. Take advantage of these world-class facilities, attend seminars and guest lectures, or enjoy sporting and cultural events throughout the year.

Lune Aqueduct: A Scenic Riverside Trail

The Lune Aqueduct is a remarkable feat of Georgian engineering, gracefully spanning the River Lune and carrying the Lancaster Canal. Walking or cycling along the canal towpath offers a peaceful, scenic excursion through Lancaster’s countryside, while the picturesque Aqueduct provides the perfect backdrop for photography enthusiasts. With easy access from your Unipad accommodation, the Lune Aqueduct Trail is an ideal way to unwind and connect with nature while appreciating a unique piece of Lancaster’s industrial heritage.

Discover Lancaster’s Charms from Your Unipad Homebase

Choosing Unipad luxury student accommodation in Lancaster as your home away from home unlocks a wealth of enchanting attractions at your doorstep. From connecting with nature in Williamson Park to delving deep into the city’s history at Lancaster Castle, these must-visit spots provide ample opportunities for cultural exploration, adventure, and memory-making experiences.

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