Managing Christmas Gifts as a student in Lancaster

Christmas is a difficult time for most of our bank balances and the temptation is to go a little crazy and just worry about it in the new year. Especially with the current state of affairs in the world, I think you’ll find that expectations have changed and nobody will be expecting xbox’s and well-branded perfume this year.

We’ve had a think and put together a few ideas for you for Christmas gifts that go a little easier on your debit card.

Lancaster student christmas gifts

Get cooking

And it doesn’t really matter what it is, you’d be surprised how far a bag of flour, sugar and a 12 pack of eggs would go (maybe add in a bag of icing sugar if you are the fancy decorating type)

Cookies, biscuits, brownies…if you are feeling really festive, a jar of mince meat and some pre-maid puff pastry would easily get you 24 mince pies that will taste far better than anything Mr Kipling has in his factory

Lancaster student christmas gifts


Another great one, why not create a real scrapbook or photo gallery of your adventures with your flatmates?

You can upload a bulk of photos to several websites and have them printed cheaper than you think. Then you just need to get crafty and glue them in a nice notebook, add some hand writing and tape in any tickets or stubs from memorable adventures.

Lancaster student christmas gifts

Things that smell nice

If you have a little more time why not get super crafty making your own candles?

All you need is a load of empty jars, a bumper pack of wax (again cheap on the internet) add some essential oils and a wick and you have your very own fragrance maker for pennies.