Making the most of your university experience in Lancaster comes with the need for effective transport solutions. As a resident of Unipad luxury student accommodation, you’ll benefit from convenient access to reliable public transport options that cater to your daily commute and leisure activities. This practical guide outlines the key public transport links in Lancaster, ranging from buses and trains to cycling and walking routes, ensuring you never miss a class, social event, or city exploration opportunity.

Familiarise yourself with the most relevant routes and schedules, embrace sustainable and cost-effective transport options, and learn how to expertly navigate Lancaster’s transport system. With our comprehensive guide to public transport links at your disposal, you can confidently enjoy your new city while living in Unipad’s exceptional student accommodation.

1. Lancaster Bus Services: Connecting You to Campus and Beyond

Buses are the primary mode of public transport in Lancaster and neighbouring areas, with Stagecoach Cumbria & North Lancashire operating the city’s extensive bus network. Unipad residents can access several convenient bus routes to both Lancaster University and the University of Cumbria. The main bus services connecting to the university campuses include:

– 1/1A: To Lancaster University from the city centre, via Bowerham and Scotforth.

– 2/2A: To the University of Cumbria (Lancaster campus) and surrounding areas, such as Morecambe and Heysham.

Lancaster’s central bus station, located on Damside Street, is your hub for additional regional and national connections. Plan your journey using Stagecoach’s journey planner here.

2. Train Travel: Fast and Efficient Connectivity

Lancaster’s train station is conveniently located near the city centre, offering speedy connections to popular local and national destinations. Operated by Avanti West Coast, TransPennine Express, and Northern Rail, the services offer frequent and reliable travel options. Although Lancaster’s universities are not directly connected by train, you can still utilise the train network for leisure purposes or exploring destinations further afield, such as:

– Preston: approximately 12 minutes

– Manchester: approximately 1 hour

– The Lake District: approximately 1 hour

Check train times, ticket prices, and offers at the National Rail website. 

3. Explore Lancaster by Bike: A Healthy and Eco-Friendly Option

For Unipad residents seeking a more sustainable and active mode of transport, cycling is an excellent way to traverse Lancaster and its beautiful surroundings. Boasting an extensive network of cycle routes and designated cycle lanes, the city encourages cycling both for leisure and commuting.

Lancaster University’s main campus is cyclist-friendly, and as a student, you have access to secure bike storage, repair facilities, and even discounted bikes and equipment through the UTravelActive scheme. For those studying at the University of Cumbria, a similarly comprehensive range of cycling facilities and resources is available.

Discover Lancaster’s official cycling map, and plan your routes using the Cycle Lancaster app. 

4. Walking Routes: A Cost-Efficient Way to Discover the City

With Unipad luxury student accommodation near the city centre and Lancaster’s compact nature, walking is not only an ideal way to explore the city but also a cost-efficient transport option. Discover popular attractions, hidden gems, or scenic routes, all while enjoying fresh air and daily exercise.

Walking routes can be planned through Google Maps and other navigational apps. Additionally, the University of Cumbria (Lancaster campus) is within walking distance for many students, while Lancaster University offers a scenic and safe footpath from the city centre, perfect for those who enjoy a longer stroll.

5. Car Sharing and Taxi Services: Flexible Travel Options

Car sharing is an increasingly popular option for those seeking occasional access to a vehicle without the expense and responsibility of car ownership. For Unipad luxury student accommodation residents, signing up for a car-sharing scheme such as Co-wheels Car Club offers cost-effective and flexible access to a vehicle for your occasional transport needs.

Lancaster also has a range of taxi and private hire services at your disposal. Book a taxi for a quick and easy trip to the universities, railway station, or nearby attractions. Remember to use reputable companies like 32090 Taxis or Radio Taxis Lancaster. 

6. Megabus and National Express: Affordable Long-Distance Coach Services

For budget-conscious students looking to travel longer distances or visit home over the holidays, coach services such as Megabus and National Express offer affordable and comfortable connections to various cities across the UK from Lancaster bus station. Although journey times may be longer, these services often boast significantly lower fares compared to trains. Discover routes, schedules and fares on the Megabus and National Express websites.

Mastering Lancaster’s public transport links and enjoying various travel options has never been more accessible for Unipad luxury student accommodation residents. With this practical guide, navigating the city and its surroundings will be a seamless and stress-free experience.


Having a comprehensive understanding of Lancaster’s public transport options ensures that Unipad luxury student accommodation residents make the most of their university experience in this vibrant city. From buses and trains to sustainable and active modes like cycling and walking, you’ll find convenient, accessible, and efficient travel solutions suited to your lifestyle and preferences.

Embark on your journey of discovery in Lancaster by securing your comfortable and convenient Unipad luxury student accommodation today. Browse our exceptional range of living spaces and experience the ultimate blend of style, luxury, and unbeatable access to transportation options at Unipad.