College is a time of change, exploration, and growth. It can be a time of upheaval as students leave the safety and security of home to venture out into the world by themselves. It is a time to learn about new things, make new friends, and discover who you are and what you want.

For parents, college can be a time of both pride and anxiety. They may be excited to see their child take this vital step but worried about how they will fare away from home. They may also be concerned about the cost of college and their child’s debt.

As your child prepares for university, finding appropriate accommodation is one of the many things you need to consider. Should you opt for ensuite student rooms or non-ensuite? Both have advantages and disadvantages, so it is critical to weigh all factors.

Ensuite Vs. Non-Ensuite


As a parent, you want to ensure your child has a comfortable place to study and sleep. A brilliant way to do this is to choose an ensuite student room. This room has a private bathroom, so he does not have to share it with anyone else.

Ensuite student rooms are usually more expensive than other types of student accommodation, but they offer several benefits. First, your child will have his own space to which you can retreat when you need peace. You do not have to worry about noise from other students or your son having to queue for the bathroom.

Another benefit of ensuite student rooms is that they tend to be more spacious than other types of student accommodation. It means your child has more room to spread your books and materials when studying and more space to store your belongings. An ensuite student room is perfect if you want more privacy and comfort during your child’s college years.


As a parent, you might be wondering what a non-ensuite room is. Simply put, it is a room with no private bathroom attached. 

Remember a few things to remember if your child stays in a non-ensuite room. First, it is essential to ensure that the room is clean and comfortable. Second, you want to be sure that your child has everything they need regarding toiletries and towels.

Another thing to consider is how your child will get to and from the bathroom. If the loo is down the hall, ensure your child is comfortable walking to and from the toilet. Give them a small flashlight if they need to get up in the middle of the night. 

Overall, non-ensuite rooms can be a brilliant option for budget-minded travellers. Just be sure to research in advance to ensure your child will be comfortable and safe.


Knowing the difference between ensuite and non-ensuite is vital, as this will help you and your child choose the fitting room for him. The former is more expensive, but they offer more privacy and convenience. On the other hand, the latter is less costly, but they may be less private and less convenient.

If you have chosen to give your child better privacy and convenience, you should talk to Unipad. We offer ensuite student rooms in Lancaster, so you are assured that your child is comfortable while studying. So, contact us now for more details!