Sharing a house with other people can be a great experience. It can also be a challenge when it comes to keeping the place clean. Some basic rules of thumb can help make cleaning up a breeze whether you live with roommates, friends, or family. Here are some tips for keeping your shared house clean:

1. Develop a Cleaning Schedule and Stick To It

Developing a cleaning schedule is a great way to keep your shared house clean. Assign specific tasks to specific days of the week, and make sure everyone in the house knows the schedule. This way, everyone will know what needs to be done and when, and the cleaning will get done more efficiently.

2. Keep Common Areas Clean

Everyone uses common areas in a shared house, so it’s important to keep them clean. This includes the kitchen, living room, and bathroom. Wipe down surfaces, sweep and mop floors, and clean the bathroom regularly.

3. Designate a Place for Everyone’s Belongings

Clutter can make a shared house feel messy and chaotic. To avoid this, designate a place for everyone’s belongings. This could be a shelf in the closet, a drawer in the dresser, or a bin in the basement. Everyone should know where their belongings belong, and items should be put away after use.

4. Encourage Everyone to Pitch In

Cleaning a shared house is a team effort. Encourage everyone in the house to pitch in and help with the cleaning. This could involve doing one’s laundry, taking out the trash, or cleaning up after oneself in the kitchen.

5. Have Regular Cleaning Days

Set aside some time each week for everyone in the house to deep clean. This could involve vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and cleaning the bathroom. Having regular cleaning days will help to keep your shared house clean and organised.

What Not to Do When in a Shared House

Living in a shared place is not always plain sailing and there are certain things you should avoid doing if you want to keep the peace. Here are some of the main things to bear in mind:

1. Don’t Be a Slob

Shared houses are not hotels. There is no maid service to clean up after you. If you make a mess, you must clean it up. This includes things like spills, food crumbs, and pet hair.

2. Don’t Be a Hoarder

Shared houses have limited space. Don’t take up more than your fair share of space with your things. This includes things like clothes, books, and knick-knacks.

3. Don’t Be a Loud Noise Maker

Your housemates have a right to peace and quiet. Respect their need for quiet hours and keep your noise to a minimum. This includes things like music, TV, and conversations.

4. Don’t Be a Party Animal

Parties are fine but don’t make them a regular occurrence. And when you do have a party, make sure to clean up afterwards. This includes things like trash, cups, and bottles.

5. Don’t Be a Bad Housemate

In general, just be a good person. Treat your housemates with respect and courtesy. This includes things like being considerate, pitching in, and being honest.


Shared houses can be a great place to live. They offer the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. However, it is important to be aware of the potential problems that can arise when living in a shared house. These problems include noise, mess and conflict. By following the advice in this article, you can help to avoid these problems and make the most of your time in a shared house.

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