Tips for Finding Student Accommodation

Heading off to Lancaster University is a big step in any young person’s life, and for the vast majority of young people, going off to university is likely to be the first time they will move away from home to find student accommodation of their own.
Unipad Student Housing is going to make the whole process a little less stressful for you by providing some top tips for finding the best choice in luxury student accommodation. And to avoid some of the pitfalls and make finding your first student house, apartment, flat or studio a dream.

For 1st year students, the accommodation choice is easy, Lancaster University encourages first year (Fresher) student to stop on campus in halls, this allows the new student time to adjust themselves to student life and living away from home.

Find the Best Location

Once you have secured your place at Lancaster University; during your first year living on Campus, You need to start getting to know the area. Get to understand the transport links to and from the University to the City centre. Lancaster University is a short commute and located South of the City centre.

While it may seem that popular University Cities like Lancaster are swarming with students, there are still a large number of families and working professionals living in the residential area, who probably won’t have the same interests or needs as you!
Do some research on your University City and try to find out where the student hot-spots are. You don’t want to end up renting out a property in a suburban, family-focused area where your late-night antics will end up causing a rift with your neighbours. Plus you’ll want to be in an area with other students nearby.

Being First Will Get You the Best Choice!

The most common mistake that many students make is leaving their accommodation search for the second year until the very last moment. A lot of students will start booking up places during the first year whilst in halls, so if you have only just started to look for housing a few weeks before the new term starts,,, you’re going to struggle.
At Unipad we recommend that you start looking for your second, third or fourth-year student accommodation from October onwards to avoid any disappointment.

So there you have it, a quick selection of our top tips for finding student accommodation. We hope you found them useful and we wish you the best of luck in finding your perfect student home.

All information sourced and shared by Unipad Student Accommodation Lancaster.