Moving to a new institution can be both exciting and challenging, especially as you start your university days. One of these challenges is choosing the right room for you. When choosing acceptable lodging, consider roommates, bed size, amenities, and proximity to the university. 

Today, we will discuss the perks of living in these three university living setups: studio, en-suite, and non-en-suite. Read on to learn more about them today.

Living in a University Studio Apartment

Living in a studio apartment is a great way for students to have privacy and security. Although this may be a luxurious choice, having a private apartment allows an individual to be independent, be able to self-study, and learn to maintain their own space.

  • Studio Apartments Give You Privacy

You probably had to clean your room and the dishes while you lived at home. Or maybe you were so clean you did them yourself. You can do whatever you want in a university studio flat.

Nobody will hold it against you if you are disorganised and let your laundry pile up. You will not have to clean up after others if you keep your studio tidy.

A clean living and study room might make you feel like you’ve accomplished something every day.

  • Independent Students Put Much More Effort into Socialising

A studio apartment may be ideal for you if you have problems meeting new people or are timid. To avoid loneliness, living alone will encourage you to interact with other people in other homes, on your course, or in society. There will be other studios in the same situation as you so that you may make some new friends.

Living in a studio apartment allows you to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and socialise when you’re ready. It is not the same as having five or more individuals across the hall.

Living in a University En-Suite Apartment

Many university apartments now have a variety of ensuite options that include modern bathrooms, plenty of storage space, as well as a study area. Here, you may share a room with one to ten people, depending on the room type and occupancy.

An en-suite apartment is best suited for those who are budget-conscious. This is usually a space for those who are comfortable with shared spaces. While the rooms are separate, everybody will have access to a kitchen and other communal spaces.

Living in a University Non-En-Suite Apartment

Students choose home sharing after their first year in resident halls because it is the “done thing.” Sharing a house provides several benefits for your personal growth and college experience. 

If you’re unsure if it’s the best option for you, here are more about its benefits:

  • You’ll make new friends.

You get closer to your housemates in private rental housing than you did in freshman year when you were thrown together with a random group. You may agree to live with “friends of friends” you haven’t spent much time with, which can be intimidating but amusing if you have an open mind.

  • You’ll save both money and time.

Because rent and fees (and sometimes furnishings, amenities, and grocery store necessities) are divided, sharing student accommodation is almost always less expensive than renting a private room or a one-bedroom apartment.

  • You’ll learn to be community-driven.

Many people find sharing uncomfortable and must adjust properly. You will get used to sharing a restroom and buying milk. You will also be responsible for cleaning and upkeep.


While going to university may seem like an adventure, this adventure also entails responsibilities outside of the classroom. To gain independence, become mature, and learn quality education at the same time, the first step is for you to find university housing that suits your lifestyle, personality, goals, mindset, and budget.

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