The Benefits of Living in Student Studio Accommodation

Living alone as a student can seem daunting – will you miss out on social life? Will you feel lonely compared to sharing a flat?
But when you are living alone, it means you really are in full control of yourself and your new student life and it’s great, but there are times when it gets difficult. Being in charge of everything means you’ll soon learn how to save on your food shopping and make it go a long way!

Here are a few reasons you will love living in my studio flat at UNIPAD Luxury Student Homes and why you should consider a Studio Lifestyle:

It’s your own space:  If you are living in a studio you can sleep, study and chill-out when you want to, whilst making your room your very own sanctuary.

No more queues: You will have no more queuing for a shower in the morning, no more waiting for the microwave, no more sharing a fridge and no more cleaning up after your messy housemates!

You’re able to Study in peace: You can set up a study space in your room that works for you and make the most of the peace and quiet.

Value for money: If a utility allowance bills are included in your rent you don’t have to worry about budgeting for any unexpected bills.

If you enjoy your own company and independence, choosing a studio flat will be one of your best decisions you have ever made! The fact that the entire flat is your own and you can have friends around whenever you want, but you can also chill out in your spare time. Or even when you have a deadline or exam coming up, you won’t be constantly distracted by housemates or parties.

Why not take a look at the latest Student Studio Accommodation availability at UNIPAD Luxury Student Homes Lancaster

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