Tips on How Students can keep Warm in Winter

Winter for students living in the City of Lancaster, United Kingdom, can sometimes be the most brutal time of year trying to keep warm. And by trudging the icy pathways and bitter northern winds to make that 9 am University lecture can seem like an unnecessary chore for those of you who just want to stay warm in our beds until early spring arrives.
But for those students whom hibernation is not a luxury amidst the frantic finals and demanding dissertations, Unipad Luxury Student Homes has put together some valuable tips and tricks to help keep you warm during the winter period.

Layer up Your Clothing

Wearing woolly socks, hats, gloves, scarves and multiple jumpers will be the only friends you need to pay attention to during any cold snap’s of weather. And wearing many layers indoors is just as important as outdoors.
Invest in a dressing gown and slippers. If your flatmates are not keen on spending extra money on heating then a snug onesie can abate your nightmares of freezing to death. No one will judge you for wearing a onesie when you brave the outside for a pint of milk. Your friends will envy you during lectures too as you stroll in fully covered from head to toe.
If style is still too important for you to invest in a onesie, try a poncho-style shawl that adds an extra warm layer for sitting at your laptop. If your bedroom feels like you’re living inside a block of ice, then you can warm things up with a hot water bottle. Spend a few extra pounds for a second one, so you can warm your feet and your chest at the same time.
Great for making your bed nice and toasty, they’re also handy for sitting in front of the TV and watching Netflix. You can find some covers for your bottle too, to make it more huggable.
There are also microwave animals like sheep or bears available that are warm within a few minutes and last the whole evening.

Spend more time at University or the Library

While it might not be the first thing that comes to mind, actually leaving your student accommodation and spending more time at university can also help to keep you warm and reduce your heating costs. And yes, it will involve you stepping outside to get there, but trust us, you’ll be better off.
You can soak up some free central heating in the library, computer rooms or the student union. Remember, the best things (like warmth) really do come for free, and you might even get some work done!

All Data Sourced By Student Accommodation in Lancaster Specialists, Unipad Luxury Student Homes Lancaster.