Living Through Winter as a University Student in Lancaster.

Winter has arrived in Lancaster and it’s the magical time of year when the days are shorter and the sun has set before classes have finished,  You might even struggle to stay warm even under a pile of blankets and you start telling yourself that today you’ll start to save money and work off those pounds gained over the Summer & Autumn.

We know you’re thinking of just calling it a season and hibernating until the springtime sun pops its head out, but don’t give in just yet! Pull your wool socks up, brush the frost off your shoulder and smash the winter blues.

Unipad’s Top Tips on How to Keep Warm, Stay Active & Save Energy.

  • Wrap up warm: Don’t be tempted to just crank up your heating when it gets cold, but taking a second to work out if you’d be more comfortable wearing an extra layer or two can go a long way.If you walk around in a t-shirt and shorts mid-December, we can tell you now – you’re doing it wrong.
  • Hit The University Library: As well as being good for reading books and updating your social media status, the University Library can also offer you free heating and electricity to charge up your laptop, iPad or phone as well as keep you warm!

We do understand that the library can be used to study as well!!!

  • Consider using that underused Gym Membership: Nearly a third of students spend their student loans on shopping sprees, drinking and gym memberships.

As well as staying fit and keeping off the winter flab, the Gym will offer a warm inviting environment with most open 6am to 11pm – 7 days a week.

Revisit soon to read more survival tips from Unipad “Student Housing Lancaster