Why Lancaster is the perfect city for students

We love Lancaster (as you can probably imagine) here’s some reasons why we think it is one of the best student cities


Quite frankly there are loads of them! Due to the lovely perfect size of Lancaster you can’t walk more than 5 minutes before hitting a pub or two. There are drinking outlets for every vibe you could possibly fancy.

John O’Guant and the Three Mariners are great traditional style pubs. If you fancy going upmarket check out Penny Street Bridge. Looking for something a bit different? The Water Witch serves great food and is positioned right on the canal.


Traffic can get busy at peak times on the main road, having a car can be tricky now and then… but the city is served by an excellent bus service, you never have to wait long for the next one. You can easily get to the supermarkets within walking distance, but if you fancy a trip up to asda you may be best jumping on a quick bus. There are also services up to Morecambe if you fancy a bit of sea air or even the lake district if hills are your type of vibe.

The train station is beautiful ( if anybody has ever said that about a train station?) It has a wonderful oldy-worldy vibe. You can also be in Manchester in under an hour. The scenic route train over to Leeds is also a beautiful train ride.

It just has a student vibe

There is just something special about Lancaster, there is always something a bit odd going on – bbq’s in shopping trollies in gardens, lots of weird shops, vintage clothing outlets, unique coffee shops, the list goes on.

You can walk from one end of Lancaster to the other in an hour and your senses will have been cultivated. In normal non-virus times there are also an amazing amount of events each year, we particularly like the events where the spit roast pig man turns up!

Convinced? Why not take a look at our student accommodation in Lancaster to see if we can tempt you into joining us in this wonderful city!