Proper property management is essential to maintaining a thriving real estate business. One of the most vital tasks for a property manager is to identify and report any issues with the property. A proactive approach to reporting issues can help prevent costly repairs and maximise profits.

Home maintenance, unpaid rent or bills, and getting deposits back are all frequent problems with student living. Whatever your problems, remember that advice and support are available.

Learn more about student accommodation challenges and why one should report issues encountered with them. 

Keeping Up with Your House by Using It “Tenant-Like”

To use your Lancaster accommodation in a tenant-like manner, you should normally do small repairs on your own, maintain it reasonably clean, take care not to damage the property, and use any fixtures and fittings as intended.

Letting Your Landlord Know about Any Repairs Needed

Any required repairs must be reported to your landlord because, in most cases, they won’t be held accountable unless they are. Tenancy agreements typically cover the reporting of faults. 

Due to the complexity of tenancy issues and housing legislation, try to avoid making any legal assumptions. Always seek assistance from the housing office at your institution or college in the first place if you run into problems or get into financial trouble. 

Approving Any Necessary Repairs 

You grant your landlord or their agent permission to enter your home to inspect the damage and make the required repairs. However, unless it’s an emergency, they must provide you with at least 24 hours written notice. 

Most of the time, any repairs required to the building’s structure, heating, hot water, and sanitary systems are the responsibility of your landlord. Notify your landlord as soon as you know of any problems or damage.

Owing a Duty of Care to Your Visitors

It would help if you made all necessary efforts to guarantee that visitors to your home and their possessions are safe. This only applies if you invited or allowed the visitor inside your student accommodation in Lancaster.

Other potential problems to watch out for include the following:

Suppose you’re having problems making rent or other payments. In that case, you’ll probably sign a “joint tenancy agreement” if you rent a house with friends, which holds you all jointly liable for any contract violations, such as damage to the property or unpaid rent. 

Therefore, you can be responsible for paying more than your usual share of the rent or bills if one of your roommates abruptly moves out.

Despite how annoying this may be, maintain your composure. To handle unpaid debts, speak with your landlord and, if possible, your missing roommate. Before selecting a new roommate, discuss the specifics of your lease with your landlord. If they refuse to allow a replacement, you might be entitled to sue them for breach of contract.

Returning Your Deposit

Your landlord may withhold all or part of your deposit to cover losses or damage during your tenancy; however, this does not cover typical wear and tear.

If you think your landlord is unjustly retaining your deposit after your lease expires, write to them and demand your money back. To keep the entire deposit, you must provide written arguments.

Contact the company in charge of caring after your deposit and ask to use the free dispute resolution procedure if you and your landlord cannot agree on the amount to be reimbursed. You and your landlord will work with adjudicators to arrange a payment arrangement.

Remember that the security deposit is your property; thus, you should always request a refund from your landlord.


Reporting issues with the property is an important step in ensuring that the property is safe and in good condition. It is also important to report issues with the property to the authorities or the local government so that the problem can be addressed officially. This is especially important for landlords and tenants, who have legal obligations to notify the relevant authorities about any issues. 

It’s crucial to report problems with the property for everyone’s safety and general health. It is important to act quickly and responsibly when reporting issues with the property, as this can help ensure that the issue is resolved as quickly as possible.

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